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Our clients say…

Andrew Leeming

I can’t speak highly enough of Phil and his team. The quality of his work, his professionalism, and reliability were exceptional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. Thank you Phil!

Dr David Elliott

Lenarduzzi Builders restored our heritage listed home with meticulous attention to detail. The team’s knowledge of traditional detailing and their quality of workmanship is unmatched. MORE…

Roger Pfund

Phil and his team of excellent tradespeople did a great job and with the attention to detail that is becoming more difficult to find. The end result exceeded our expectations. MORE…

Arthur Thornton

Your assistance for all the other incidental outside items required was invaluable, for without your knowledge we would not have known what was best. We were also very pleased you could both spend significant time to help renovate our Sydney properties.

Stephen Remington

I was very happy with the work done by Mr Lenarduzzi. The work was carried out expeditiously and was completed precisely in accordance with the schedule, an unprecedented achievement in my experience of domestic building work. The work did not cost any more than the quotation plus specifically agreed to variations. There were no “hidden surprises” at the end of the day.

Ron G. Avery

Once demolition and construction commenced I was confident that we had selected the most appropriate Builder. The construction involved extending two existing structures of different ages, one over one hundred years old and one approximately sixty years old. As a consequence many difficulties were encountered, Phil and his supporting trades were able to recommend solutions making my task so much easier.

Jan and Andrew Berry

Mr Phil Lenarduzzi’s skill and expertise in designing the project, measuring for the job and completing it to our total satisfaction were exemplary. Not only that, the job was completed well within the anticipated time frame and without mess, error or complication.

Ron Graham

I have at all times found Phil Lenarduzzi and his team to be extremely diligent and most competent. Their trademanship is of the highest quality and so too is their willingness to advise and to be flexible in terms of making sure the right result is achieved.

Pip Giovanelli

The work on Throsby Park was completed promptly, efficiently and to a very good conservation standard. Phil and his team demonstrated respect to significant fabric and a high degree of competence in working on an historic building. Their polite and professional approach ensured a successful outcome for the project.

David Wilson

Philip and his team carried out a high level of conservation building repairs from the HHT prepared scope of works. Some of the necessary repairs were uncovered during the process and we were very happy with the careful sensitive nature of the Lenarduzzi’s methods and reporting as items became apparent. His team’s workmanship is of a very high standard and reliability proven at every stage. MORE…

Kevin Gallagher

Philip is concerned with the quality of the work he produces. Like attracts like, and his construction team have the same attitude. It is no surprise that all his subcontracters produce the same high-quality work. He has also sourced the best specialist manufacturers and suppliers of finishing material. MORE…

Ian Stapleton

Lenarduzzi Builders have always carried out their work in an efficient, organised and extremely competent way showing a good knowledge of old and new building construction techniques and employing subcontractors of experience and capacity. MORE…

Simon A. Wiltshier

Phil was a pleasure to work with and, apart from being a very competent builder, he displayed a great attitude and work ethic despite the difficulties in imposed upon him. He also brought forward innovative ideas to ensure the success of the project. MORE…

Michael Rose

During 2011, Phil Lenarduzzi was contracted to build our new house between Mittagong and Bowral. Of all the buildings I have constructed in my life, of which there have been dozens, I can honestly say that this has been the most enjoyable, problem free, professionally handled, on budget build I have ever had. MORE…

John Renouf

Phil’s enthusiasm to the job and his genuine interest in the original structure engendered a confidence which was to be sustained throughout the ensuing five months of the renovation. MORE…

Gary Studd

Phil Lenarduzzi directs a thoroughly competent and dedicated team of professionals all of whom share his motivation, enthusiasm and willingness to be adaptable and maintain the highest standards, whilst remaining within realistic budgetary and time constraints.

Paul Pettiford

I would highly recommend Lenarduzzi Builders for any project. Philip is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work…

Dr Ron Georgiou

All the work has been of an exceptional standard, completed on time, with the minimum of fuss and mess…It is rare that one can write such a glowing reference, but it is also rare to find such a talent as Phil.